The Relationship Resource Group exists to honor God by challenging people to attain positive family and personal relationships and personal growth by providing resources that encourage, instill hope, and promote growth while celebrating the fullness of life, relationships and caring communities.


The History of the Relationship Resource Group

In a global society with increased information, increased numbers of relationships available through the Internet, and increased opportunities, there seems to be more loneliness and pain. Relationships often struggle for a lack of models, teaching, and hope. For forty years, the Relationship Resource Group and its predecessor, Family Concern, have been committed to promoting growth and encouraging hope in relationships. We continue to assemble resources and produce tools that challenge people to positive family and personal change.

A Vision
Dr. J. Allan Petersen began traveling in the mid 1940s as an evangelist speaking in churches throughout the U.S. and Canada. His concern for the people and vision for the church compelled him to focus on understanding God’s intentions and principles for marriage, family life and relationships.

As a nationally recognized marriage and family life specialist, he conceived and directed the 1975 Continental Congress on the Family, which brought together 2,500 leaders to address marriage and family issues and form national strategies to support and encourage marriages and families and prepare leaders to do so as well.

J. Allan published a family information and enrichment bulletin called Happiness is Home Made as an extension of his speaking. The name was later changed to Better Families.

By his retirement, J. Allan had traveled extensively, speaking to over 9,000 audiences in over 50 countries. He had spoken to religious leaders at the White House, was one of the founders of the Family Research Council, and in 1995, the International Family Congress awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to preserving the Christian family. Dr. Petersen passed away in October of 2000.

The Relationship Resource Group
In 1998, Dr. Petersen’s youngest son, Paul, and long time employee, Jorrie Muniz, partnered together to form a new company—The Relationship Resource Group, Inc (RRG) to continue the work begun by J. Allan. In January of 2006, Jorrie bought The Relationship Resource Group and is now the president and publisher of the company. With new leadership comes new vision and Jorrie is no exception. The RRG has expanded its reach to Spanish speaking churches with a Spanish download version of the bulletin Better Families and offer a FREE Kids Rock! bulletin for grade school children with all paid subscriptions. (Currently available in English only)

J. Allan Petersen mentored Jorrie for seven years of her career with him, and like her mentor, Jorrie has entered the speaking and training arena, inspiring and motivating audiences on the monumental value of relationships in churches, corporations, and other groups, at retreats, workshops and seminars. Jorrie also has an extraordinary seminar for woman called Women by Design! Women by Design! is an exclusive seminar that challenges women to embrace who they were created to be and learn that the traits usually attributed to women—concern for others, nurturing, communication, creating community, flexibility, creative thinking—are all essential elements in any successful endeavor. It helps direct everyday thinking into possibility thinking!

The Relationship Resource Group is committed to continuing and building on their rich legacy through the publication, assembling and distribution of resources for personal and family relationships. We continue to publish Better Families to encourage and enhance healthy relationships. The title Better Life! was added to communicate inclusiveness of content and its practical application for people in all stages of life. The bulletins have identical content with an option in title to best fit the customers' needs.

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